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the immediate coastal beaches. that will be cooler. look at this, 96 boise. portland, up to the mid 80s. enjoy the start of a along the coast. coastal cities like san diego, no big warmup for you. we could see triple digits in some areas that haven't seen it this summer in the northwest. >> unfortunately for them. all right, bill. thanks so much. >>> coming up, wall street waits on june job. the retailer that sold well when others didn't and the world's most expensive divorce settlement. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> an a list cast, original story and why does this film have no chance at the box office this weekend? >>> the knicks signed a future hall-of-famer and serena muscles her way into the final at wimbledon. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some top stories this morning. the u.s. and its allies are threatening bashar al-assad's government with global sanctions. a syrian general from assad's inner circle has reportedly defected. >>> a new parliamentary report in japan has found that the
the danger coming at the u.s. border and that is the farthest thing from the truth. >> host: portland of the little organ is the next caller. >> caller: i would like to thank the guest for his honesty. in portland statistically speaking we have 6% of hispanics are illegal. we have a large russian illegal immigrant population. they are encouraged by our politicians and towns and cities to get all kinds of free stuff. they give them welfare. they give them food stamps. they give them free housing. all kinds of things. all of a sudden he was hit by an illegal on his motorcycle and was in the hospital for a month. nothing happened to this person. wasn't reported. the police let him leave the scene and never heard from him again. it is so frustrating because i am not against illegal immigration. i am tired of the illegal immigration. even according to our oregon education association we spend $500 million educating the children of illegals in oregon. it is costing us so much money and our politicians refuse to address the problem. it is -- really makes you angry. >> host: thank you. >> gue
in oakland, is going to be heading to portland later today after his stay here. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> that motorcade may affect your commute. frances will have more coming up. >>> team reporting there. >> that's right. >>> :08. meteorologist mike nicco is here to report on the weather which we are starting out cloudy. >>> changing, the clouds are rolling in, keeping some areas the same if not warmer than yesterday as we head inland, temperatures are cooler, you saw on live doppler, no rain, here's temperatures how they are cooler inland, two degrees in napa, seven at concord, slightly warmer around santa rosa, san francisco, san carlos and half moon bay. this afternoon, clouds are back to the coast, pockets of sun developing, low to mid 70s into san francisco, low to upper 70s for most of the bay shore, upper 70s to mid 80s inland with the warmest weather in the east bay valleys. monterey bay afternoon sun, pockets around the monterey bay mid 60s monterey carmel and watsonville 68 salinas, 70 santa cruz upper 70s to mid 80s hollister, gilroy and morgan hill, next three days polle
around medford, 84 around portland and seattle. we do it all over again friday and the great stretch of weather continues in to your weekend. if you're watching us on news 8 in portland, learn how the environment shapes the way animals think and how they've evolved with humans. wild minds at the oregon museum of science and industry. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. and we're going to begin with the very latest of the tom cruise/katie holmes divorce saga. >> this is a daily segment. >> probably will be. an attorney for holmes is denying reports the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. this comes in response to online reports that say holmes filed an application that could have resulted in a public hearing. >>> meanwhile published reports say katie holmes planned an intricate escape from the marriage, including securing a new york city apartment, cutting off all communication from her friends and switching cell phones and e-mail addresses. >> a public hearing televised? >> you'd definite
're driving north of portland you will be in and out of rain this morning on your drive. looks like it's starting to break up and becoming a little more showery on the coast. also our friends out here from medula to lewiston, it's ending there. spokane, a few more showers for you. the majority of your day will be on the dry side. again, on and off showers during the afternoon hours up in the northwest where it's cool. we're still pretty warm in the inner mountain west if not103. washington state with clouds and cool air. you're the only ones. it just continues. it's a broken record in the northwest. the fourth of july forecast looks good. >> good news. thank you. >> i'm hpy to bring it. >>> manufacturing shrinks, deals are made, and you won't believe the latest thing up for sale on ebay. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, the latest on the big break-up of tom cruise and katie holmes. >>> the nets make a huge trade, and deja vu for the pirates. you're watching "early today." >>> well, good morning and >>> well, good morning and welcome back to "early tod
>> following a world winter in the bay area, the president touched down in portland oregon, there he will hold several fund- raisers before heading off to seattle for more fund-raisers tonight. >> good afternoon. just about 90 minutes ago president obama left the bay area. >> did not without healthy contributions to his reelection fund. lisa washington shows us how the president turned a one day stop in to a very lucrative campaign leadoff. >> with a final way of the president ordered air force one, leaving sfo and heading to portland, his next campaign stop. well in the bay area he attended three campaign fund-raising events raising between three and $4 million. the president met with technology leaders at the scottish rite center before attending a $38,500 per plate private fund-raiser at a home in piedmont. >> matter who you are or where you come from, no matter what you look like, this place, america, is a place where you can make it if you try. >> his last campaign event monday evening was a rally at the fox theater in oakland where he told the crowd of supporters that
barbara the third was portland to vancouver british columbia. it said the most troubled and the west any inkling as to why? >>> we contacted the months of transportation statisticians and the grand canyon is the ties to some of the innocent as the because of the national park trust was a year from southern california or phoenix to take that route same with the southern california coast. and then for the northwest on i five is just what a group of the drives whether your local or on vacation going to see seattle or mount st. helens and i 5 was the trick is because it's not a super prescript picturesque proud but there is incredibly good food on it. as a huge array of great ethnic food and love food surprises in arizona u.n. expect. we wanted to find places in new lots of people would be driving and say you should stop here because fill in the blank. >>> when you stop here and thinking to myself is that something right on the main road in most cases or do you have to go off the path to find it. >>> some of them are right and the main road be an outside limit of no more 5 mi. off the may
, 106 phoenix, near 100 d.c. mid 90s new york and boston. seattle and portland 72 seattle, 78 portland severe possible northeast flight departure delays in newark now everybody else in the lower 48 on time even out here in california. abc7news.com our flight tracker at bottom of every page. >>> witnesses tell abc7 news that people playing with fire are responsible for setting off a grass fire in east palo alto. sky 7 hd was over the scene as firefighters tackled the last of the flames yesterday. firefighters had it contained an hour later flames crept up to the back fence of homes. luckily no damage. several homeless tents were in the area at the edge of the fire. officials have not issued an official cause of the blaze. >>> no changes to san francisco's rank choice voting system. the board of supervisors kill the proposal yesterday that would have eliminated rank choice for all city offices step for the mayor's race. opponents of the voting system say it is confusion. supporters say it works west voters twoeupbl select top three choices for each office. >>> new poll out shows presiden
of portland ran red with the juice of tomatoes... hundreds of people participated in one of the fiercest fights ever to involve a fruit. fruit. in a nod to "la tomatina," the annual festival held in spain... locals tossed tomatoes at one another. organizers expected about three-thousand people to participate and they're hoping to make it a regular event in portland. in addition to sloshing around in a tomato puree, attendees could dance to music, enjoy local beer, and compete in a costume. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 895 map bel air map 3 3 3 3 3 gun control takes center stage...in light of the massive shooting in colorado. colorado.chernoff says: "every gun is powerful. every gun is capable of deadly force." force."we examine the arguemnts for both sides... of gun control laws. laws.and you might not fall for those phishing scams anymore...but cyber crooks are still coming after you.the new method their using to get your sensitive information...and the three main ways you can keep it from happening. [ male an
meals. they will donate money to glad. >>> police in portland maine released dash cam video of another wrongway driver. this video was taken last month by a trooper who saw the driver and took quick action. he likely saved the lives of his fast and daring response. the car which was driven by an 88-year-old man was traveling the wrong way on a portland interstate. the trooper tried to flag him down but the driver kept on going. the trooper made a split second decision. >> i saw him still going and decided this was the time i got to punch it, beat him to the crossover. no up with was hurt. trooper crawford says he was doing his job. an american pioneer, sally ride , the fist american woman to fly in space is dead after a result of pancreatic cancer. 61 years old, sally ride was an advocate for science and math and education and the author of a number of childrens books. >>> yesterday, abc 2 got a visit from katie couric. we will show you what she has planned for her new show. >>> mariah carey lending her star power, how much she is going to get paid to do it when good morning maryland c
to some very lucky ones. a couple of thebuilding -- i was in portland yesterday in portland has this great internet guoagt.and w talkin o dnee tntt bd here and i don't think i mentioned the internet has this very specific smell, this burnt toast smell and it was great to what back into the building and there was the same smell. the home of cnn or nt e lebuhwcy the orders field that they sort of have been into this building. the building became the key interconnection point in portland, essentially the dominant spot in oregon where the nernemes, hc i ed aubl you know, you're charging rent for both the cage, but also charging rent for what's cald the cross connection between one cage in the other. so his buildingison- oerecisely, that equinox is essentially in the real estate business. they own the land and i wasn't surprised to see that it mashburn they paid their underlying row inmates. beoe.an c mitosthe street. it's like a coral reef and that piece of dirt is incredibly important. but you kno, the la around ashburn is incredibly valuable fora >>yor book, you include churchill, how we cea
and about >> at about to three hours. he is scheduled to leave at 10158 am. and he is off to a portland oregon. >>darya: of around 10:00 he is expected to be leaving. he has the little enclosures' but he will not tell us what's treaty will go. last night protesters but they briquette two blocks away from this theater. they were part of the occupied movement. they shouted and held signs. in some people that attended the fund raisers shouted back at the protesters. lots of shouting. >>darya: we are looking for the present to be on the road in two and a half to three hours. >> i told you in 2000 and eight -- i told you 2008 that i would not be a perfect present but i also said him that i would always tell you what i thought and i will always tell you what i'm going to do but most importantly i would wake up every single day fighting as hard as i know how to make your lives better. and oakland i kept the problems -- from as. the-promise. i had been thinking that you did i have been working as hard as i know and how to make sure that you like this better. now i'm asking you for your help. >
karlinsky for "nightline" in portland. >> fascinating. >>> next, he's built the iconic bird's nest olympic stadium in beijing. why is china trying to silence him? te from sprint is now available in white. ♪ ♪ will i catch the moon ♪ like a bird in a cage? [ male announcer ] evo lets you hear what you love with beats audio. and capture what you love with both video and stills. [ camera shutter clicks ] it's everything you love about evo... in white. available only at sprint stores and sprint.com. >> fascinating. follow the wings. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> the olympic games is an ho forany country. in 2008, the beijing games brought controversy, especially when a famous chinese artist thumbed his nose at the government. he's been speaking out as his payroll ever since. here is abc's gloria. >> reporter: there is perhaps no more glorious moemts than when it hosts the olympic games. but four years ago, the glory brought scrutiny. the bird's nest stadium, was the centerpiece of those games. it
left google and drove down the hill to portland, i passed the bonneville dam which is a fortress. there are these huge gates off the highway, and you sort of go through the gates, and then an army corps of engineer guard searches your car and waves you in. and once you're inside, there's a sort of museum and fish hadder where you can watch the fish go, and the sense that the 75-plus years of history are discussed and presented and considered and shared, that this is somehow public infrastructure. in the somehow belongs to all of us. and it seems as if that's, certainly, this is a sensitive place. certainly, this is a place that has a security issue of some sort, and that's very clear and sort of every piece of it. but what's equally clear is it somehow belongs to us, and there's a sense that we should know what goes on in there. of course, bag to be l's a private company -- google's a private company, and the argument that there's a competitive advantage from keeping their data center private makes a lot of sense. but t also cheer that, you know, this can't be a black box given h
vegas. it is pretty cool. >> what is your background? >> well, i grew up in portland, oregon. i am an active mormon. i went on a mission to the mormon church and graduated from byu and worked for the cia. then i broke out into the financial world. since then, i got married, i have five children, i moved to the bahamas for two years. life in living color, saved enough money to move to london where we bought a flat. then there were 71 countries i visited, i have written about. it is my primary source of income. my investment book is call forecasts and strategies. i have written a number of books on economics and i teach economics and business at rollins college in florida. columbia university in new york, and also at mercy college. that is a summary, and i should mention that freedom fest, my wife does the film festival here as well. we have a lot of things that we do. we have really enjoyed it. >> very quickly, what did you do for the cia? >> that's a good question. actually, i was an economist. i was very much involved with commodities and the energy crisis in the 70s. you know, th
a portland, oregón, y es posible que recaude 6 millones de dólares . >> mientras tanto, mitt romney retomo su campaña politica, fue a una fabrica de contenedores plastaicas. >> momentos de panico en san francisco cuando un hombre enmascarado comenzó a disparar, nadie resulto lesionado. >> un agente de okland tuvo lesinoes al chocar su vehículo con un edificio,se investiga el caso . >> un incendio de 4 alarmas dejo a 50 personas lesionadas, y a la gente sin techo, en san josé, en avenida candell se investiga las causas . >> el cambio del mercado inmobiliario en santa clara disminuyeron los impuestos en 2%. >> una camioneta pick up llega de inmigrantes dejo 14 muertos y 9 heridos. >> en este restaurante de la calle tejas, se comenta el tragico accidente de la comioneta pick up, que dejo muertos y heridos. >> parece que se le salio la yanta . >> señalo lupe gaona . >> no debe ser la ley tan brusca, tan estricta,esas cosas causan accidente . >> 23 hombre, de méxico guatemala, viarajan todoss en una camionete . >> no se por que la gente viaja así, por que esta pesado traer tantas personas
initiative. and in portland and seattle, new orleans, the president will attend and deliver remarks at the national urban league screenings. >>> time now 4:39 growing concern, the popular hiking destination he was last seen and the search for him today. plus, pornography in the library at san francisco's main branch. >>> and traffic looks good getting off to the high-rise, we will tell you about the morning commute and we will tell you about construction where spots may slow you down. púwnw . >>> well the search ends for away area man who is missing in the sierra. he disappeared on sunday while hiking. investigators say he made it to the summit but never returned. he was last seen wearing a white shirt, long pants and a full brimmed hat and glasses. anybody who has seen him is urged to call officials. >>> his death is the 4th fatality on the river in the past few months. they were forced to be there yesterday afternoon. investigators say the man was swimming with friends when he started thrashing around and went under. friends said he knew how to swim and he was not drinking or usi
, picki picking up his tenth win. >>> the knicks acquired felton from portland. kidd was arrested for driving intoxicated after driving his suv into a telephone pole and now according to sources knicks will not re-signing lyn. he signed with the rockets. the knicks have until tuesday to match tuesday's office but it appears lyn-sanity is over in new york. >>> the biggest fan made the catch of the day. teixeira, bat goes flying into the crowd. a lucky fan made the grab and doing the right thing by being in the perfect spot and that is spike lee. even showed off his swing. by the looks of that hack, he might want to stick to directing. that's a look at sports on on "early today." >>> madonna em broadwayed in french politics. a self-appointed judge for "american idol" judge. and katie says no is to suri. >>> plus, we'll introduce to you a one-of-a-kind mayor of this alaskan town. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today" on this monday morning. the heat is the story this week once again along with the increasing drought conditions around the nation. 100 in minn
spoke there yesterday. the president is heading to portland this afternoon for a fundraiser that will include an open event and the private event. you will travel to seattle for yet another fund-raiser. a plan to bring a mega gas station brings mega resistance. and a proposal to bring streetcars. an early-morning explosion obliterates a home in new york. and tracking more storms headed our way. we i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, fopurple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... >> we are following breaking news that northern virginia community college woodbridge has been evacuated because of a gas leak. it has been shut off but the building still needs to be ventilated. students, faculty and staff are out of the building, but should be back soon. a young girl is dead and members of her family are in the hospital after an explosion leveled her house. there girl appears to be between 12-1
to serve. >>> there's a story unfolding out of portland, oregon, that is a mind blower. first the basics of it. a guy named adam lee brown in a portland jail right now. and thank goodness for that, because he's accused of pulling a 10-year-old boy into a wendy's bathroom this past weekend. portland police say that he allegedly tried to sexually assault that little boy and then stabbed him several times. all of this, police say, while the boy was screaming and his father was on the other side of a barricaded door, trying to break it down. the boy is right now recovering in a portland hospital. but here is the thing. brown is on parole for child molestation and the story takes an even uglier twist after this. in 1993, mr. brown was convicted of molesting three kids at a day care in roseberg, oregon. nine kids in the small logging town told police that brown had molested them. if you thought was the top of this story, the worst of it, brace yourself for what i'm about to tell you next. in 1993, adam lee brown was hiv positive and he knew it. and so did the authorities. i want to bring in je
us... >> now this morning the president is headed to portland. >>> time now 6:06 mitt romney is shifting his focus to foreign policy. today he heads to reno. he will be speaking at the veterans of foreign affairs. it comes after a discussion where he criticized president barack obama's handling of the economy. >> the president has a job's council as well and this consists of leaders of various industry to offer advice to the president and he has not been able to find time in the last six months to meet with them. >> now after that speech mitt romney will head to europe and plans to be at the olympics trip before visiting israel and poland. now our channel 2 website, you can find out more about his upcoming trip, it is labeled on news just click on politics. >> absolutely you don't want anything too severe out there. we will ease into tuesday and let's go out and look at the commute. traffic tips to look good at the bay bridge toll plaza and we give it 15 to 20 minutes and see what it looks like after those metering lights go on. northbound on the right you can see traffic loo
bound for portland and for more fund-raising. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at sfo where air force one just took off. christie, you've been covering him for the last couple days. you getting some up-close and personal looks at him? >> reporter: yeah. you know, we saw him. he just took off about 45 minutes ago. i can tell you that president obama's departure here was quick and organized after a packed schedule in the bay area. he essentially crammed in three fund-raisers in just one day in the east bay. he made a whole lot of money, just came back here to sfo, and it was wheels up in air force one as president obama was on to his next stop. he went up the stairs and gave a quick wave to the media as e this always does. this after his second night in san francisco that included a quick trip to reno and then back to the east bay at two fund-raisers guests paying up to $38,000 a person. the highlight, though, was at oakland's fox theater where a packed house of about 2,000 people cheered the president on, some of them channing "four more years." during his visit, he called out th
, president obama will fly out of here around 10:15 and head to portland, oregon. last night he said mitt romney is raising a lot of money and spending most of it on television ads. >> so, really, what they are -- really what their ads boil down to is the economy is where it should not be and it's all obama's fault. it's very simple. it's easy to summarize. you will don't to see a variation on this. >> it was amazing to see the president of the united states and hear him talk and motivate. and -- motivate and also hear him tell us to give him four more years to fix the country. there were protesters for the president's visit to oakland. [chanting] >> obama keep your promise! >> well mann protesterses are angry about federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. >> he has not come through with the reform that the people who voted for him, the liberals voted for him wanted to pursue. >> there were demonstrations gins federal immigration policy, oil drilling in the accuse and unnamed unmanned drones in combat. >>> colorado's reaction to the theater shooting. the specific steps that many a
side of things. kgw, news channel 8 in portland, oregon, from underwater to the tree tops above, learn about diverse tropical animals at fragile forests at the oregon zoo. that's your pacific event of the day. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, unfortunately it will forever be associated with tragedy, but "the dark knight rises" has also earned a spot on the all-time blockbusters. the film earned a mammoth $160 million in its opening weekend. that is the third best debut of all time and the best ever for a 2-d movie. now, it made $30 million at midnight screenings, the second best total ever. but the movie's business suddenly fell off 41% saturday. you can presume that that was the effects of the shooting. but this is some good news. warner brothers announced it's going to make a donation to charity, supporting victims of the aurora shooting. >> and, finally, mariah carey will be joining "american idol" as a judge next season, filling the female diva slot of jennifer lopez for reportedly the same salary lopez st
association since 2006. before that, he served as president and ceo of the portland visitors association, oregon's largest destination marketing association. he is here to tell us what this amazing new arena will do for tourism in san francisco. >> what an incredible day for san francisco. not only is it beautiful, it is going to be even more beautiful. look around us. look around this setting. we are turning a dilapidated surface parking lot of top of the water in the bay into a state of the art of arena. it is an amazing thing. i want to congratulate city staff and the board of supervisors and peter and joe and rick and the whole team for coming together and creating something that we as san franciscans can be very proud of. i was looking at the logo of the warriors that was done a few years ago, and it seemed like a bull's-eye on this spot. it seems like somebody was thinking we have got to get this right by the bay bridge. it is a great accomplishment, and something we can all be proud of. i want to talk briefly about the importance -- we have heard about basketball and how important
to "early today." >>> warm temperatures, 80 up to portland, 100 in boise. a chance for some showers mainly with thunderstorms from the mountains of montana extending back into billings. 101 in boise, 113 in vegas, still a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms in the four corners. if you're watching on the bay area news, in oakland, see real space gear and learn about astronaut life at beyond blastoff at the chabot space and science center. that is your pacific event of the day. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, 11 days after katie holmes shocked tom cruise with a surprise divorce filing, a deal has been reached. and apparently she gets primary custody of suri. "the los angeles times" is quoting a source and reports that holmes, who was raised catholic, also will control their daughter's religious upbringing. holmes' concern over cruise indoctrinating her into scientology is in part what led to the split. holmes will also control suri's education. cruise will have visitation. with a prenup making money a non-issue, the settlement helps bot
master by palance anyone has ever seen. san francisco portland in amsterdam eat your heart out. >>> we do is go as far to say is the envy of the country or world? >>> police say it helps us get there. the bicycle and pedestrian transportation plan is 300 pages it calls for a conventional upgrade led by glen editions and widening but the city also wants add more bike parking like this innovative by crile designated green colored travel lanes industry markings in their sections. there's a more unusual stuff like a moving sidewalk tables to occupy street parking and the largest product of all the adobe creek bridge over have won a one. the total cost to the plan is $40 million in the city is hoping to implement about 10 million of its sooner rather than later but the tight budget the challenge now is to find that money somehow. >>> to me rodriguez is counting on local heavyweight to help. did we were talking about cso for companies. the gang had a pull together now this research is to bring in or urges fund- raiser to build the projects. some projects come this fall for sure a free by s
. sometimes you guys can be a little annoying. >> and the earthquakes lose to portland 2-1 tonight. >> good night, everybody.
this summer. about ten degrees warmer than usual in portland. new england is lovely in the mid-80s. fargo cools down to the mid-70s. >>> we turn to legal news this morning. late last night scott peterson has filed an appeal of his death sentence in the murder of his wife and unborn son eight years ago. his lawyers claim pretrial publicity, incorrect trial rules and other mistakes deprived peterson of a fair trial. he maintains he has nothing to do with the murders. >>> and the man who killed trayvon martin has a chance to leave jail now that a new bond has been set. but this time, it's a lot higher to the tune of $1 million. that's to show how mispleased the judge is on how much money he actually has. >>> riders are describing chaos on a yacht that capsized. the man piloting the 34-foot boat says lightning cracked. then, the boat was slammed by a rogue wave. the three children, two of them cousins were trapped in a cabin as the yacht sank. >>> and another child has died after a freak electrocution accident on the fourth. he was shocked while swimming near houseboats on cherokee lake. auth
, portland. all airports on time. don't see yellow not expecting organized areas of severe weather. monsoonal moisture to the south scattered thunderstorms down in southern california. flight tracker abc7news.com. >>> 4:48. new gallup poll shows president obama with a sustained lead over his likely republican opponent mitt romney for the first time since april. president obama leads romney 48% to 44%, the shift comes after two months in which the two were tied in the polls. uptick for the president started before the supreme court's ruling that upheld most of mr. obama's health care plan. president obama will be returning from camp david this morning to celebrate the nation's 236th birthday at the white house. he will deliver remarks at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members in the east room that will happen this morning at 7:00. tonight the president and the first lady will host a barbecue, concert and view fireworks on the south lawn with military personnel and their families. >> mitt romney will take a break from his vacation to march in a 4th of july parade in new hamps
for "nightline" in portland, oregon. >> pennies from neil carlinky. thanks for that. a harley riding barbecue master shows us how to grill up some juicy jumbo wings. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> how do you become a barbecue legend? well for chef john,
. look at tuesday, we jump from the 60s to 70s, even 80s around portland. if you're watching us on nbc 4, southern california in los angeles, a nearby alhambra, celebrate 50 years of the fab four at all together now, a tribute to the beatles at the nucleus art gallery. >> that sounds like a good event. i wish i was on the west coast. >> 50 years. >> we're all getting old. >>> now here's an early look at this morning's headlines and entertainment news. following the tragedy in colorado, hollywood studios have joined together. in a show of respect for victims and their families. warner brothers, which distributes "dark knight rises" has been joined by other studios in withholding this weekend box office numbers until later today. estimated box office earnings are normally released sunday with studios itching to claim bragging rights come monday morning. >>> after feuding jackson family members reported catherine jackson missing. arizona authorities report that katherine jackson, mother of michael jackson and guardian of his three children, was safe and with a family member in that state. >
will thin out. upper level low could bring showers and storms to areas around portland to medford, but that will be hit and miss. most areas will be dry. and it looks like a pretty nice friday draft with the exception of the chilly temperatures up there in seattle. it if you're watching us on kntv, nbc's bay area news, in oakland, celebrate 75 years of the golden gate bridge at spanning the bay at the oakland international airport. and that's your pacific ebt venf the day. i went there and i didn't go over the bridge. >> only you, bill karins. >> i know. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, halle berry is out of the hospital after suffering a head injury on an l.a. movie set. the oscar winner was injured during a fighting sequence. tmz reports she has a possible concussion after falling on concrete. >>> well, forbes named sofia vergara tv's top earning actress, taking in $19 million. reality star kim kardashian came in second with $18 million. eva longoria ranked third with $15 million, thanks largely to the earnings of the final sea
and boldest master site plans anyone has ever seen san francisco portland in amsterdam in your heart out. >>> produce say it is the envy of the country and world? >>> i would say it helps us get there. the city of palo alto's bicycle and pedestrian transportation plan is 300 pages it calls for an upgrade lake baikal in editions and widening but also ones add more bike parking like this innovative bike routes to screen covered traveling to new street markings and intersections. it is more unusual stuff and a moving sidewalk tables to occupy street parking and the largest crude parking. >>> the total cost to the plan is $40 million in the city is hoping to implement about 10 million of its sooner rather than later. to find the money somehow. did we did you think it'll happen. well. >>> to establish resources to begin grand resources or fund- raiser the project. this and to decide when i bikers' wedding in an interesting. you will know vehicles like cars. >>> the bike and i celebrate and is healthy and it's great to get here. >>> would spend a lot more money and time. >>> acting coac
between three and four million dollars in his time here. the president now on his way to portland, oregon he has two fundraising he -- event there is. by this evening he should pittsburgh in seattle for more of the same. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> meantime, mitt romney is about to address the veterans of foreign wars convention in reno, nevada any moment this is a live picture from the stage where he wil soon go up and speak, not just yet. romney small business leaders yesterday in orange county. he's accuse president obama of leaking classified details of the raid that killed osama bin laden for political gain. president obama spoke at the vpw yesterday. >>> developing news on a fatal fire in pleasant hill the fire department says smoke detectors were not working in the fire that killed two people. it was reported on donegal way in pleasant hill. amy hollyfield is there with more. >> reporter: firefighters ink if they had working smoke detectors they would have survived. turns out they woke up too late by the time they woke up the fire was too big and it was too late. a woman who liv
to 100 today, 97 d.c., 107 phoenix low to mid 70s seattle and portland. couple areas of severe weather in yellow right now everything is quiet all of our major airports across the lower 48 and in the bay area on time. flight tracker abc7news.com at the bottom. >>> more weather-related news. residents in the northeast are cleaning up today after heavy rains and tornadoes caused major problems. a funnel cloud loomed over new haven, connecticut yesterday, winds toppled trees and snapped electrical lines. 300,000 homes and businesses lost power in three states at one point. heavy rains caused flash flooding in some areas airlines cancelled more than 800 flights. >>> wife of jerry sandusky is defending her husband. she told the local newspaper she still loves her husband and says he's not who they say he is. meanwhile, a man who claims he's victim number two from the trial is threatening to sue the university. his attorneys state man suffered extensive sexual abuse over many years, before and after the 2001 incident where graduate assistant mike mcqueary with it 'tised an -- witness attack
'm kneel karlinsky for "nightline" in portland, oregon. >> pennies from neil carlinky. thanks for that. a harley riding barbecue master shows us how to grill up some juicy jumbo wings. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times... in louisiana we had more fun on the water. last season we broke all kinds of records on the gulf. this year we are out to do even better... and now is a great time to start. our beatches are even more relaxing... the fishing's great. so pick your favorite spot on the gulf... and come on down. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. [ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks: "misleading, unfair and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. ca candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. so, shame on you, barack obama. [ male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: an
the lower 48 still warm portland 83, 7 seattle. mid nine these salt lake and denver, 104 phoenix. 80s and 90s east of the rockies. it comes with more humidity. as far as weather delays or flight delays everybody on time except houston flight arrival delays. at home showers down south not causing problems. if it does we'll keep an eye on it you can too with abc7news.com. >>> 4:47. a syrian activist group says more than 100 people have been killed in a massacre in the central province. the group blames the regime of president assad for the attack. no additional details released many protests against the government has turned into an armed insurgency. >>> members of congress calling for action after abc news revealed the u.s. olympic team will be wearing clothes not made in the u.s.a. from the hats to the shoes the team will be decked out in uniforms made almost entirely in china. the discovery has set off -- off a bipartisan backlash and rare agreement on capitol hill. >> they should be wearing uniforms made in america. >> you would think they would know better. >> take all the even forms put
are what made that trip to portland for me possible. >> reporter: spread 25 miles apart, some say these charging stations are the wave of the future. this one giving a nod to the past, its home, a historic stagecoach stop. >> this really is a game changer. >> reporter: art james with oregon's department of transportation, says the electric electric highway won't always be free but will always be cheaper and greener than filling up at a gas station. >> reporter: we have funding for another 35 fast chargers around the state so people will be able to drive all along the oregon coast. >> reporter: officials say this is just the beginning. both california and washington are working to expand their sections of the electric highway. by the end of next year, drivers may be able to go from canada all the way to mexico. but with only 1200 electric cars on the road in oregon, not everyone is buying in. the sticker price for ecars can come as a shock to some. despite the name, fast chargers aren't fast. thirty minutes to power up. for drivers like bruce sergeant, it's worth the wait. he hasn'
to be in the hottest area across the country including salt lake 103, portland 84. 79 seattle everybody else east of the rockies in the 80s and 90s that comes with humidity. most airports on time. flight arrival delays into houston all of our local airports in san francisco, regional california airports are on time. use our flight tracker abc7news.com. >>> in the news, the mountain view city council voted last night against google's plan to build apartments in the city's north bay shore area that area is them to to several dwindling species including an owl. google has been looking to build units for its employees. environmentalists say the impact from humans and pets from such a development would eradicate the owl. >> they can build houses across 101, a 10 minute walk. there is foot bridge just completed it is not that far. >> if we could provide an option for them to get a little closer so they can take their bike or walk it would be great for environment and traffic in the bay area. >> google conceded there are other places to build apartments with the reject google won't be able to build on n
. i took a look at other cities, similar guiding principles. i took a look at portland, and i think there was much more of a balance between what the department was going to do, what the expectation was from the public, so not just -- i think there is a particular focus on the department in these documents. i agree with commissioner borden's comments about education. i think it is a huge component of our reach, and i did not see it here, so i would support a continuance at this time -- i think education is a huge component of our reach. commissioner sugaya: just an example. it is a small thing, and i know linda will jump on me for this. let's say we have the commission in here in some fashion. we could have thought about and implementation -- we could have thought about implementation, and we could have had more meetings in the community for example. if that is what we want to do, we have only done it twice in the entire six years i have been on this commission. one was at the community center for an issue that was out there, and that we have one -- had one for parkmerced in the nei
until you get to phoenix 105, 78 seattle, 84 portland. laguardia, new york, detroit severe weather from the midwest. watch out for delays. i think we'll have delays at sfo looking at the cloud cover. use our flight tracker at abc7news.com. >>> you are rarely wrong about that we'll be watching the sfo delays possibly this morning. a judge says a prominent peninsula child psychiatrist accused of molesting his patients is mentally stable enough for a retrial. the 80-year-old has been at the napa state hospital since last year when he was diagnosed with dementia. he will be sent back to potentially face trial on nine counts of molesting boys who were referred to him for treatment in the 90s. a jury deadlocked in 2009 on all the charges. >>> a silicon valley ceo want as apology from a comedian who she says singled her out at a comedy club. this video shows the commotion after a woman threw a glass of champagne at comedian eddie griffin. she says griffin crossed the line when he began making offensive lesbian jokes about her and her girlfriend. >> he targeted her. he looked her in the eye. to
for a beautiful afternoon. a cool start up towards seattle and portland. get down towards vegas and phoenix, starting on the warm side of things. phoenix, your average this time of year is 107, 112 for today. 105 in boise.65 degrees. mount shasta, lower 90s, full sunshine. >>> we also do have our latest hurricane of the season. we'll talk more about emilia coming up. >>> i was just in vegas visiting my mom. 105 when i landed. it's a dry heat. >> that's what i hear, not for me. >>> earnings win over wall street. bowing soares on a new order and now you can own a desserted island surrounded by people. >>> plus, the actors, directors, writers may change but spider man always rules at the box office. >>> roger federer's back on top and a wild scene between the rangers and the twins and it had nothing to do with the game. you're watching "early today." >>> very good morning to you. welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning. u.s. military officials confirmed six american soldiers were killed in afghanistan yesterday. they died in the
the one timer and portland's through one. no. 2 will sirena williams is the defending champion and is into the semifinals. when night for chipper jones. who dives to darwin barney and had five hits for runs batted and the bra,,,,,
at portland's airport earlier this year has been found not guilty of indecent exposure. john bren ann took off his -- brennan took off his clothes in protest of what he viewed as invasive airport security measures. a judge ruled the bizarre was one of protest and therefore protected by free speech. brennan was planning to fly to san jose for a business trip. >>> multiple layers of clouds this morning, low clouds and high and mid-level clouds remain from a hurricane that same streaming up here, gave us a few sprinkles. a few clouds left and it's mostly sunny. although sonoma county airport, there are a few areas of clouds. the airport, just light drizzle. that's what they say at noon. otherwise it's mostly sunny, those clouds were so close but they pushed off towards the east. you can see on live storm tracker 2, even the rain as well moved off into the central sierra and will be out of the area. the clouds made for a kind of a balmy muggy morning and some of that humidity is still around, 75 fairfield. low 70s livermore and 70 redwood city. upper 60s near 70 for san jose and napa airport at 7
.c.. 105 phoenix without humidity warmer portland 83 and seattle 78. all major airports across the lower 48 green means running on time severe weather possible could affect minneapolis, chicago and detroit. low clouds maybe a few flight delays here. when we find out about those flight delays we'll let you know. abc7news.com. >>> 4:48 now. accident investigators say a combinations of pilot error and faulty equipment lead to that air france crash in the atlantic three years ago. the plane was flying from rio to paris plunged into the sea during a thunderstorm killing all 228 onboard. investigators are convinced the plane could have been saved by the three pilots up to 20 seconds before impact. air france and the plane's manufacturer airbus face manslaughter charges in connection with the accident. >>> two members of congress calling on the maker of a popular suv to educate owners about a potentially dangerous condition. many call it the death wobble shaking in the front that makes the car shimmy violently. an investigation revealed more than 600 complaints. mostly on jeep wranglers. in a lett
'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in portland. >> fascinating. >>> next, he's built the iconic bird's nest olympic stadium in beijing. why is china trying to silence him? te from sprint is now available in white. ♪ ♪ will i catch the moon ♪ like a bird in a cage? [ male announcer ] evo lets you hear what you love with beats audio. and capture what you love with both video and stills. [ camera shutter clicks ] it's everything you love about evo... in white. available only at sprint stores and sprint.com. >> fascinating. follow the wings. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could sav
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